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    Posted on August 24th, 2016 Pam No comments

    First, a little information about this new garlic.

    Garlic bites are small but intense garlic bulbs, I call them garlic babies.
    The small garlic babies come packed in a pod.
    Inside the pod are anywhere from several garlic babies up to several hundred.
    Sometimes in cooking you will use the entire pod, sometimes just a few of the babies.

    Garlic babies are packed with flavor, use sparingly as the flavor of these baby bites are intense.
    They are useful in any recipe that you normally use regular garlic.
    They come in three sizes, the smallest being rice sized, then medium size, about half the size of a pencil eraser and large size, larger than a pencil eraser.

    When cooking with garlic, the flavor dissipates, so it is best to add them at the end of the recipe. For example, in homemade spaghetti sauce, put two smashed LARGE garlic babies in for the last 30 minutes, you will be amazed at the flavor they add.

    Uses for the rice sized garlic:
    1. Place the entire pod full of rice size garlic in about a pint of olive oil, leave it in the jar for 10 days and the olive oil will be infused with garlic flavor. Perfect to dipping bread or to use for cooking. It is best to place the garlic pod in cheese cloth to keep the olive oil free from loose debris. It will last longer if kept in the refrigerator, use a small amount in a container on the counter-top.
    2. Sprinkle a few in a fresh green salad for a kick of garlic flavor.
    3. Sprinkle 50 rice sized garlic in stir fry.
    4. Smash and use in a rub for roasts.
    5. Eat raw, if you are brave.

    How to use MEDIUM sized garlic babies and LARGE garlic babies
    1. Use about 8-10 medium sized babies or just 2 large babies instead of one clove of garlic.
    2. It is best to smash and peel these larger garlic. (no need to peel the rice sized garlic as the peeling is very tender).

    Store in a paper bag in a cool dry place, such as a pantry. Never in the fridge or damp basement.
    The bites should last from 4-6 months.



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