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    Posted on April 22nd, 2018 Pam No comments


    This is one clove from a very large Musik garlic.


    This is a Musik garlic










    What is hardneck and softneck garlic.

    The neck of the garlic is where the stem comes out of the center of the bulb.  The hardneck has a hard stem and the softneck has a soft stem.
    1. Hardneck
        A hard neck garlic usually has fewer cloves and only one layer of cloves.  In my opinion, this is great for cooking, because the cloves are larger and easier to clean.  A hardneck will have a scape growing from the center. Typically scapes begin to apear in late May to early June.  It is best to trim the scapes when they are about 15″ long and use them in cooking.
    2. Softneck
       Softneck garlic can have up to 18 cloves per bulb.  The cloves will be smaller and usually there are two layers of cloves and a center clove.  They typically do not grow scapes, but may grow small baby garlic called bulbits on the stem. It is best to remove these and use them in cooking, these will be full of flavor so use sparingly.
    At ‘On The Sunnyside’ I sell these varieties in August:
    Inchelium  – Softneck, mild flavor with just a hint of hot. 10-20 cloves per bulb.
    Early Italian – Softneck, spicy. Easy to grow and stores well.  15-20 cloves.
    Korean Red – Hardneck, hot, very hot.  6-8 cloves, easy to peel.
    Spanish Roja – Hardneck, rich earthy flavor.  8-12 cloves,
    Musik –         Hardneck, hot and spicy. 4-6 very large cloves, excellent storage.
    Chesnok Red – Hardneck, known for great flavor, great for cooking or baking. 10-12 cloves.
    Just a note on how to store garlic.
    It is best to store at 55 to 60 degrees, in a dark place ,but not damp. Store in a paper bag. DO NOT STORE IN A REFRIGERATOR, it may sprout and lose flavor.

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