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    Posted on August 17th, 2015 Pam No comments

    The Farmer’s Daughter Garden / On The Sunnyside

    Join us for a Free Garden Tour Monday 17, 2015.
    FREE Garden tips
    FREE Garlic samples
    FREE Potato samples

    Get ready for 20 minutes of garden goodies!!!
    1. Take a tour of the acre garden
    2. Seven garden tips explained
    3. Enjoy the flavor of several types of garlic (from mild to spicy)
    4. Choose from four potato samples (Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold, Purple Viking and Rosas (pink outside and yellow inside.
    5. Ask questions about your gardening problems.

    Please tell your friends about this tour, open all day!!!!!
    Check out www.pamolsen.net for more information. This website is updated frequently with vegetables and fruits available each week.

    Lilies, Sweet Williams Starts, Potatoes, tomatoes, beets, hot peppers, onions, applesauce apples and several types of GARLIC.
    Pam Olsen
    3210 E. Sunnyside Rd.
    Ammon, Idaho


  • August 1, 2015 vegetables/flowers for sale

    Posted on August 1st, 2015 Pam No comments

    Saturday, August 1


    I have available for sale today:

    1.  Yukon Gold Potatoes  (gold centers)

    2.  Purple Viking Potatoes (white centers)

    3.  Garlic — seven different varieties  (mild to hot) varieties include Musik, German Red, Chesnok Red, Spanish Roja.

    4.  Cabbage  (READY NOW)

    5.  Onions  (yellow and white)

    6.  Oriental lilies  (fragrant)


    Tomatoes, peppers

    Whitney Crab apple  (this is a large crab apple, sweet and perfect for applesauce)





    Posted on March 8th, 2013 Pam No comments

    Sorry I am posting these pictures a little late, but here they are.  These were taken on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

    These are Amaryllis blossoms. It is always good to have flowers blooming inside.

    Here are some Hyacinths planted around February 4th. Blooming nicely. If you look closely you can see the water they are growing in and the white roots.

    This is a blossom of a paperwhite. Forced to bloom inside.

    Spring is definitely coming!!! When I have several pictures of something that is green we are well on our way to spring!!

    These are Crocus, these will bloom VERY VERY soon. These are the first flowers to bloom, in snow or rain.

    Here are the tallest tulips I have outside so far. They will be pink and they will be early.

    This is a picture of some of my Alyssum. Alyssum is a ground color, this happens to be yellow. I thought it was a cool picture, snow above them and water below them.

    Now to the greenhouse, here are some of the tulips, daffodils and lilies I have put in the greenhouse so far. I planted these March 6th of this week.

    Here are two rows of onions I planted last November. They are about 30" wide and 50' long.

    This is a close-up of some of the onions. If you look closely and I mean CLOSELY, you can see hundreds of onions coming up. These are from onion sets.

    Here is a picture of the Sunrise Garden (the garden on the east side). The snow is going, but it is still VERY muddy!!

    This is a picture of the Sunset Garden (on the west). It is looking good, about 2/3 of the snow is gone.


    Posted on February 20th, 2013 Pam No comments

    This is my Wednesday garden update. I try to take pictures of my garden (inside or outside) every Wednesday. Here are the pictures for today.

    This is the last of the tulips I forced in water January 5th.

    This is a small Hyacinths that I forced in water February 4th. This is the first time I have had a pink one.

    This is the same Hyacinths, but this one shows the roots. Can you see the pennies in the bottom? They help keep the water fresh.


    Posted on February 6th, 2013 Pam No comments

    I wanted to show how tulips continue to grow after picking them. They usually grow at least two more inches and get larger too.
    This was last Monday night, just after picking, (this tulip was forced to grow inside in water.)

    This shows a cut tulip next to a measuring tape. The height today is 19"

    This shows a tape measure that is at the top of the tulip.

    This is Wednesday morning, you can see the tulip has grown about 1.5 inches.

    Here is a picture of the tulip today, Wednesday about 8:00 am. I haven't changed the measuring tape.

    This is a close-up of the tulip. Yep, grown about 1.5 inches in 1.5 days.

    This is an update on my Hyacinths. They smell soooooo sweet!!

    Here is the last picture of the tulip test. This was taken February 14th and has grown a total of 4.75 inches from when it was picked on February 4th (10 days ago). I didn't re-trim this tulip, it would have lasted longer if I would have trimmed it.


    Posted on January 30th, 2013 Pam No comments

    I am trying to post garden pictures Wednesday of every week. When Wednesday comes, I am reminded to take pictures of my garden.

    I do this for three reasons:
    1. It helps me keep a photo record of my garden.
    2. I can see the progress of my garden.
    3. It’s fun to look back on the gardening year.

    Here are a few pictures I took today.

    These are Hyacinths, I have forced them inside, in water. They smell so good and it is nice to have something blooming during the winter. If you enlarge this picture, you can see the white roots growing down from the bulb.

    This one is white. For some strange reason, the white Hyacinths have fewer roots and larger roots.

    This is a purple Hyacinth, I forced all of these bulbs on January 5, 2013.

  • Spring in January

    Posted on January 23rd, 2013 Pam No comments

    I like to force bulbs in the winter. It feels more like spring when I have flowers blooming all winter long.

    Here are some paperwhites in bloom. I forced them on January 5th, so they have been growing a little less than three weeks.

    THis is a picture of the paperwhites too. You can see the jars they are forced in.

    This is a batch of Hyacinths I am forcing, more pictures when they get closer to blooming.

    This is my cat Shaker, he is getting BIG!